Vegas 16 Bracketology starts Jan 18

My girlfriend got me a chrome book for Christmas so we be back to normal not using my uncle’s computer so new to bracketology will be Vegas 16 bracketology everybody know NCAA and NIT bracketology NCAA has 68 teams 32 AQ’s and 36 AL teams and NIT has 32 teams the best not to get in also AQ if a team is tied for 1st place but the loser of the tie breaker not taken in the NCAA Tournament Vegas 16 would take the next best 16 teams for Power 6 and AAC, A-10 and MWC conferences if a team who was in the NIT bracketology but lost a bid to a AQ team would move to Vegas 16 Bracketology and to be in the Vegas 16 a team must have a .500 or better to be in if their not enough bids with winning record the highest RPI team with a losing record would be pick. New rules for the CBI Bracketology They will be no more power 6 and AAC, A-10 and MWC teams projected to the CBI and CBI will take 16 teams that was not taken to the CIT. Next Bracketology will start January 4.

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